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How It Works - CourtReportingMentor.com

How Does it Work?

  • 1. Mentors and students sign up.
  • 2. Students browse customized matches.
  • 3. Students reach out to mentors.
  • 4. Mentors accept and start helping!


Watch the video below, or skip to the questions below it. If you need a larger view, click on the expand image next to the Vimeo logo on the video.

Who can become a court reporting mentor?

If you are currently working in a professional capacity as a court reporter, CART provider or captioner, we welcome you to be a mentor.

Is this website free?

CourtReportingMentor is 100% free to use for students and mentors.

Are court reporting mentors screened?

Mentors are not screened at this point. We are trusting that those who sign up to mentor are professionals with valuable insight to share. If that turns out not to be the case, we will add a screening process in the future.

How much time does it take to be a mentor? How will we communicate?

When you sign up as a mentor, you'll get to lay out all your preferences.

Can I mentor more than one student at a time? As a student, can I have more than one mentor at a time?

We currently allow only one connection at a time. That applies to both mentors and students.

Who can sign up as a student?

Anyone who is currently attending a program of some kind, yet not working as a professional.

How do I add a photo to my profile?

Once you are logged in, go to your Edit Profile page and add a photo from there. You can only do this once your signup has been confirmed by email.

As a mentor, can I hide my profile if I need some time off from mentoring?

Yes. Just go to your Edit Profile page and change "Active" to "Hidden."

If it's not working out, how can a mentor/student connection be ended?

Both the mentor and the student have the ability to end a connection at any point. There are times when personalities just don't mix - or time becomes a factor - or the connection is no longer needed. Whatever the case, both parties can end the connection.

I have a complaint about a mentor/student. What should I do?

If you are still connected, end that connection. When the connection is ended, there will be a text block that allows you to explain why that connection is being ended. You are also welcome to contact us through the Contact Us page with any concerns or thoughts.

I've used Court Reporting Mentor and have a success story to share. How would I do that?

That's great! Just contact us through the Contact Us page with your story. We look forward to hearing it!

Does Court Reporting Mentor cost anything?

It is 100% free. We only hope that you visit our sponsor website such as www.SimplySteno.com, www.SpeedBuilders.com, www.StenoWatchdog.com, www.RPRprep.com and www.StenoLife.com.